Below are videos that were shot on-location in Israel and many correspond to various days in the book Days With Jesus.

If you don't have the book you can order it here, and as you read along, view the amazing places where those events happened.

DWJ page 1. Jesus is the Creator.

Jesus is tempted to jump from the Temple by Satan.

DWJ page 26. Nicodemus secretly visits Jesus at night.

DWJ page 80. Jesus teaches at the synagogue.

Rabbi Jesus teaches under the colonnade at the Temple. 

Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus is born in Bethlehem.

DWJ page 21. Jesus cleanses the Temple of merchants.

DWJ page 60. Jesus miraculously feeds the 5000+.

DWJ page 103. Jesus and the adulterous woman.

DWJ page 142. Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Jesus is crucified.

DWJ page 7. Jesus is baptized in the Jordan River.

DWJ page 21. Jesus overturns money-changers tables.

DWJ page 65. Jesus walks on water in Galilee.

DWJ page 132. Jesus gives a blind man sight.

The last supper with the disciples.

Jesus rises from the dead.