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Days With Jesus was birthed as a concept in 2007 when Jim Jackson, who had just planted a church, began to teach on the life of Jesus. It was then he realized that many people, including those who had grown up in a church, had heard of Jesus, but most did not know about Jesus. In reality, though billions of people around the world claimed to follow his teachings, it seemed as though an understanding of the man and his mission was still severely lacking.

Jim's teaching about Jesus turned out to be so popular, people suggested he turn it into a book. So, he started to write the book Days With Jesus. Not long after work on the book began, he had the idea to actually go to Israel and shoot on-location videos in the places where Jesus walked and talked. The videos would then coincide with various Days in the book and could be viewed online, at home or at church, individually or in a small group. This way, a person could read about Jesus, then watch the video from the spot where that particular event took place to give them a more well-rounded understanding of Jesus and his life.

So, he flew with a camera crew to Israel and shot video non-stop, day and night, traveling up and down the landscape of Israel. What would result was a ground-breaking combination of book and on-location videos. Over the following year, the book, videos, and the website became an amazing labor of love for many people who desired Jesus to be understood correctly and loved greatly.



The Days With Jesus project has now touched the lives of thousands and spans around the globe. The project has been used for individual study, small group programs, Bible curriculum in schools, and church-wide campaigns. It is dedicated to exploring the true life of Jesus through historical investigation, theological reflection, and relational connection. Here you will find people who have not become followers of Jesus because they needed religion, but became Christians because they found a relationship with God.

So whether you are a follower of Jesus, looking into what Jesus was about, or don't know where you stand with God, welcome! Spend some time here and get to know about Jesus and his life. But most importantly, what his life can mean for yours.

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Jim Jackson