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How are you spending your days?

In a groundbreaking combination of book and on-location videos shot in Israel, Days With Jesus take you on an immersive experience like no other. Read the words of Jesus. See where he said those words. Connect with Jesus in a new and exciting way.

Watch the adventure begin in Bethlehem as Jesus is born, then walk to the Jordan River where he was baptized. Go to the corner of the Temple where he was tempted to jump and see the place where he dumped over money tables and chased merchants away.

See where religious people seethed with anger at him and where he forgave the adulterous woman. Observe where he was crucified, buried, and resurrected! There is a lot to see and a lot to learn. Whether you have never looked into the life of Jesus or have followed him for years, we believe the Days With Jesus project will change your life forever. Join us!

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live view of temple area in israel

Below is a link to a live webcam of the Temple mount's western wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem where the modern Orthodox Jews pray and have religious ceremonies. They are not allowed on the Temple area above as it's controlled by the Muslims who built the Dome of the Rock on it (c. 691 AD, gold dome upper left).

The large square stones at the bottom of the wall are the original stones laid by King Herod at the beginning of the first century. He constructed this architectural marvel to expand the Temple area above. As Jesus walked to the Temple, he would have seen these exact stones.

The gold Dome of the Rock now covers Mt. Moriah where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac and where the Holy of Holies was located when the Temple stood there in Jesus' day.

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How to use Days With Jesus

This project is designed to help you understand the life and times of Jesus.

To join the journey:


step 1     Buy the book or ebook Days With Jesus.


step 2     Get a bible or look online and read the chapter in the Gospel of John for that day.




step 4     Read the chapter in Days With Jesus individually or a group and discuss the questions.


Wow! This study literally changed my life.

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Israel Trip

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behind the scenes

A few pics of how the videos for Days With Jesus were created.